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Receive Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital


Vejthani Hospital offers treatment of ovarian cancer in Thailand using the most modern methods available in medicine.

Ovarian cancer is a heart-breaking disease, particularly among women of child-bearing age. But the disease is equally distressing as there is no known cause, so no known adjustment can be made to your lifestyle as a means of prevention.

Worse still, this type of cancer isn’t often caught in its early stages of development as it rarely presents any symptoms at first. The only recourse in treating late-stage ovarian cancer is usually surgery and various chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, and radiotherapy.

In all of these cases, the removal of the ovaries is the first option, which is why this disease can be emotionally destructive as well in women of child-bearing age. The loss of a women’s ability to have a child at some point in her life is terrible news to digest.

This is why it’s important for women to learn about the stages of ovarian cancer and stay vigilant for any change in their bodies if they have a family history of the disease.

The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

While this cancer rarely presents any symptoms early in its development, getting ovarian cancer treatment in Thailand as early as possible, once you notice any symptoms, is your best course of action.

The symptoms may present themselves as a loss of appetite, a sudden weight gain or loss without an accompanying variation in one’s diet. Another symptom is a change in bowel habits and the need to urinate frequently.

Two of the most alarming symptoms may be a bloated feeling accompanied by a distended abdomen and an apparent abdominal or pelvic mass.

Risk Factors

As mentioned above, women who have a history of ovarian cancer in their family, particularly in close family members like mothers, aunts, and sisters are at risk of the disease. Women who have a family history of colon and breast cancer should also be monitored closely.

Women who have never given birth are at risk later in their lives. And women who entered puberty before the age of twelve, or entered menopause after the age of fifty-five are also at risk.

Life After Diagnosis

This disease is insidious because the symptoms usually only emerge once the cancer has progressed to its late stage. But women who have been diagnosed with the disease should not give up hope.

New innovations for  ovarian cancer treatments in Thailand that are proven to be effective are being developed all the time, and the oncologists at Vejthani Hospital are trained and experienced in finding the best tools to use in fighting this type of cancer. With awareness and luck, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer can go on to lead a happy and productive life.

But it all starts with being aware of the dangers and doing everything possible to detect the cancer early. Early detection and prompt ovarian cancer treatment is the key to be able to beat ovarian cancer.

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