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Sports Injuries should Never Be Taken Lightly, Treat sports injuries at Vejthani


Treat Sports Injuries as Soon As Possible

Injuries like strains, sprains and injured joints are common in sports and athletic activities. But injuries that may seem minor at the time they occur can lead to problems later on if they are not diagnosed and treated correctly by a doctor at health excellence centers like Vejthani Orthopedic Center.

This is especially important in the case of injuries to your joints. Ankles, knees and elbows are frequently injured in sports and the injury can affect the movement of the joint for the rest of your life if not properly treated.

Although you may think that you’re saving money by simply “walking off” a sports injury, in the case of joint injuries, you may actually be doing more damage. This damage can involve costly surgery and a lengthy period of rehabilitation down the road.

First Aid Treatment for Sports Injuries

Luckily, there is not a lot of variation in the first aid treatment of orthopaedic sports injuries, so by keeping the following steps in mind, you can effectively lessen any damage until you can get to an orthopedic doctor.

The first and most important thing is to cease all movement of the injured area and avoid using it for at 48-72 hours. Don’t try to massage it back to health. Any movement can serve to make the injury even worse and will delay the recovery period.

Every 2 hours during the initial 48-72 hours after an injury, apply ice or a cold pack for 20 minutes to the injured area. You should never apply heat to an orthopedic injury, as heat can increase internal bleeding and swelling.

Wrap a firm elastic bandage around the area to immobilize it and elevate the injury above the heart to help slow the blood-flow to the injury. This will help lessen the amount of swelling.

Don’t consume any alcohol during the 48-72 hours after the injury. Alcohol will also increase the internal bleeding and swelling of the injury.

See a Qualified Orthopedic Doctor as Soon as Possible


Contact Vejthani Orthopedic Center and make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible. Follow any additional first aid instructions that the specialists give you before coming in.

Vejthani has qualified orthopedic surgeons and specialists that can provide you with a proper diagnosis and modern treatment methods to restore your affected injured areas to their normal range of mobility in the quickest amount of time.

In some injuries a period of rehabilitation is prescribed. They can provide qualified physiotherapists to conduct and monitor your progress throughout the rehabilitation period.

They can also offer tips and exercise methods that will strengthen the surrounding areas and help you avoid re-occurrence of the same type of injury in the future. This is important as learning how to avoid injury will enable you to continue exercising well into the latter stages of your life.

Helping you stay active and healthy is the always the ultimate goal in orthopedic medicine.

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