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The Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Experience with ‘HAL-RAR Technique’


The Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Experience with ‘HAL-RAR Technique’

Hemorrhoid is a common disease related to some behaviors such as a low fiber diet, constipation, improper toilet routine or spending a very long time on the toilet seat. If you are developing this disease, you will experience a painful and irritating feeling throughout the day in every activity, even while walking or sitting down.

Khun Pu, Prima Nilmanee, a pharmacist who has suffered from hemorrhoid disease shares that “with my work, I have to travel a lot that it’s hard to attend to every urge of bowel movement. So, I got chronic constipation and I often carry my tablet into the toilet to work which makes me spend a much longer time on the toilet seat.”

Almost a Decade of Suffering from Hemorrhoid

“I am aware of my hemorrhoid condition and I have lived with it for 7-8 years. At the beginning, hemorrhoid condition didn’t bother me that much until there was inflammation and external lump involved recently, about 1-2 years now which was terribly painful and has affected my daily life.”

Made up my mind to get rid of Hemorrhoid by HAL—RAR Technique

            “Previously, I have been searching for hemorrhoid treatment methods and got to know internal and external surgeries which need 15-30 days for recovery as well as other post-operation complications concerning anus or rectal problems. After that, I found HAL-RAR technique available at Vejthani Hospital which treats hemorrhoid by tying off the artery to cut the blood supply to the hemorrhoid pile causing it to prolapse. It is considered as a painless treatment and requires only 2-3 days of recovery period to resume normal activities. So, I decided to come to the surgeon. He identified my current stage and informed that he can proceed to perform HAL-RAR technique to treat my condition”.

Fast Recovery after the Procedure

“I already knew that treating hemorrhoid by HAL-RAR technique causes less pain and promotes quick recovery but I didn’t expect it to be this quick! Just a day after the procedure, I can already walk and urinate normally. The doctor also suggested for me to improve my diet; drink lots of water, eat more fiber and quit my prolonged toilet routine.”

Introducing HAL-RAR, Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Technique

Dr. Piya Totemchokchyakarn, general surgeon at Vejthani Hospital, the primary doctor by Khun Prima’s case added more interesting information about HAL-RAR that “it is a hemorrhoid treatment technique by using a Doppler Ultrasound to locate the arterial pulse feeding the hemorrhoid pile, ties off the artery reducing blood pressure to make it prolapse. Then, draw up the pile into the anus stitch it inside and not cutting any tissue. This HAL-RAR technique can reduce hemorrhoid size within 3-4 weeks, lessens pain and complications which promotes faster recovery period and the patients can return to their normal toilet routine.”

Remember that hemorrhoid is not a shameful disease and seeing the doctor when your condition has developed into the worst stage will make the treatment more complicated. So, start to observe for any bleeding after bowel movement or a strange lump around your anus and get a medical diagnosis.

The Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Experience with ‘HAL-RAR Technique’

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