How to make an appointment?

Use a Make an appointment online page by simply filling out the appointment form and submit it to us. We will then get back to you within 1-3 working days.

If you want more information about procedure, payment methods and any concerns, please use our talk to doctor online page, then we’ll forward your request to an appropriate Vejthani medical specialist and we’ll get back to you thru email within a few days.

How far in advance should I book for an appointment?

For general medical check-up and skin laser treatment located at the 11th floor building, you don’t have to make an appointment in advance. You can come any day, but it should be within that department working hours. Once you are here already at the hospital, please proceed to our “Customer Service Counter” on the ground floor, and fill out the “Patient Registration Form, in order for you to receive your appointment slip and hospital number. Then, one of our customer service staffs will assist you.

For other procedures including surgeries and dental procedures, it is recommended that you make an appointment in advance, about 1-2 weeks before coming to our hospital.

If you still have no plan to come to our hospital, but you want to book your appointment earlier, then make it not less than 2-3 weeks before coming. Example: If it’s still Feb 2012 and you would like to come on May 24, 2012, you should wait until the 10th of May to make an appointment.

How do I get to your hospital from the airport?

Please take a print of the hospital address or map in our website both in Thai and in English, then show it to the taxi driver, the Map and Directions page from this website shows you where the hospital is and how to get here from the airport. We are located at the eastern part of Bangkok and it usually takes about 40 minutes to one hour to get here, depending on the traffic.

We can also provide pick up service from the airport or your hotel for 1,200 THB.

How long will I have to wait to see a doctor after filling out the Patient Registration Form?

After completing the Patient Registration Form, you will receive an appointment slip with a Hospital Number and will be able to see a doctor within 30 minutes.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by cash in Thai Baht or US Dollar or by any major credit cards including VISA, MASTER, AMEX etc.

Can your staffs speak English?

Yes, our doctors, nurses and customer service staffs can speak English well. Furthermore, we have staffs working at our International Service Counter on the ground floor, which can help you with necessary translation and interpretation.

Do you have translators for other languages?

Yes, we have translators both in house and on call for languages like, Bengali, Burmese, German, French, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Amharic, and etc. If you want a special translator, please inform us ahead of time, so that we can arrange one for you.

Vejthani Hospital