Medical tourism in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital can be the easiest solution for foreigners looking for quality medical treatment. Our treatment cost is only a fraction of the amount charged in other countries, while our standards of care compare favorably to the most medically advanced countries in the world. The premium services are performed by Vejthani’s team of highly qualified, experienced physicians. This team is widely recognized as one of the finest in Thailand’s medical community.

One of Thailand’s Best Medical Tourism Hospitals

As medical tourism became more popular, Vejthani Hospital prepared to offer services to visiting patients from all over the world. We have created an entire department devoted to serving the medical and personal needs of visiting foreign patients. With staff that speak a number of foreign languages, we can provide hotel arrangements for the families of patients, travel arrangements and bookings, ground transport services and our celebrated V-Flight Air Ambulance Service.

Our medical tourism staff are collectively called the International Referral Center at Vejthani Hospital. They can provide reporting services as well as visa extensions. Every foreigner staying in Thailand must report to immigration every 90 days. Foreign patients at Vejthani Hospital can have this chore taken care of by the staff at the International Referral Center. 

V-Flight Service

For patients interested in our V-Flight Air Ambulance service, the International Referral Center can provide you with all the details. 

The V-flight service transports patients from Vejthani Hospital back to their homes in a foreign country or arranges to bring a patient to Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok. After reviewing the patient’s medical records, the team will decide on the best method of transportation for the patient, either a commercial or private charter flight. 

They will arrange for a ground ambulance at either end of the journey. They will also furnish a medical escort team trained in the patient’s illness to accompany the patient on the journey and ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. For private charter flights, they will provide a fixed-wing aircraft that has advanced life support, a stretcher and oxygen onboard. 

Ready to Serve Our Foreign Patients

We have opened our arms to the medical needs of foreign patients from around the world as medical tourism has become a reality for millions of people looking for the best value treatment in the world. The services we offer to our patients make it an easy decision to seek treatment with the knowledgeable doctors and staff at Vejthani Hospital. For more information about our medical tourism services, get in touch with the International Referral Center at Vejthani Hospital.