Getting a Total Hip Replacement in Thailand

Reduced mobility, increasing pain and inadequate support are just some symptoms that the hip is simply not doing its job. When walking becomes too painful and arthritis kicks in, it is time to weigh up the cost of total hip replacement in Thailand and consider surgery. Waiting for the pain to go away or hoping that mobility will be restored just through exercise might further worsen your condition.

Visit a doctor immediately to properly diagnose your situation. Getting a total hip replacement in Thailand is always an option, but the doctor needs to determine if the surgeon should conduct a partial or total hip replacement procedure. This has an impact on the hip replacement cost, and is a necessary step before surgery.

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Vejthani Hospital has a special department to take care of foreign patients which offers services including translators, vehicles picking up and sending patients, a liaison that works with international health insurance agencies, and much more.

Vejthani Hospital has been awarded the ‘Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services’. It is the 5th hospital in the world that has been awarded this qualification. The accreditation assures that the hospital provides high-quality services to all patients from around the world who travel to receive medical care at Vejthani Hospital. Bangkok is a medical traveler destination. The cost of having a total hip replacement in Thailand is reasonable and the surgery performed maintains the highest standards of quality.

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Vejthani Hospital has medical experts who specialize in partial hip replacement surgery and are ready to provide recommendations about the procedure.

The hospital sees 300,000 patients from 100 countries yearly. It has translators ready to translate 20 languages to ensure that there will be no miscommunications during the medical treatment of patients. Vejthani Hospital guarantees the highest level of medical care and is accredited by the CCPC of Joint Commission International (JCI), USA, which confirms the highest level of safety in top hospitals around the world. Have your total hip replacement in Thailand performed at Vejthani Hospital for the best results.