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  • Bachelor degree in Medicine and Laws
  • Master degree in management
  • Doctorate degree in management.



  • Faculty of Laws Thammasat university, Thailand


  • Doctorate degree: Faculty of Business administration (management)


  • Master degree: Faculty of Business administration (management)


  • Bachelor degree: Faculty of medicine, Thammasat university, Thailand

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Aesthetic medicine
  • Board certified of anti-aging medicine
  • American Board of Laser surgery

Special Clinical Trainings

  • stemcell
  • chelation
  • prp
  • skin rejuvenation face and body contouring
  • Telemedicine

Special Clinical Interests

  • laser surgery

Conditions Treated (Disease)

  • NCDS (diabetes, hypertension, Dyslipidemia)
  • heavy metal toxicity

Procedure performed

  • Stem cell
  • intravenous vitamin, chelation
  • filler injection
  • thread lift
  • botulinum toxin injection

Awards and Honors


  • Best business and product award (supplement and skin care)

Activities and Honors

  • Diploma in Telemedicine Harvard University
  • Certificate in short course in Dermatology, Institute of dermatology, Thailand
  • Certificate in sport and wellness medicine,anti-aging department of Maefahluang University.
  • Certificate in anti-aging fellowship (DPU University)
  • Certificate in Integrative medicine (module1-4 Nutraceutical)
  • Certificate in integrative medicine diabetes and hypertension
  • Certification in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, navy department
  • Certification in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, navy department
  • Certification in foxy eye treatment technique by mesh thread
  • Certification in HEAT antiaging international conference
  • Postgraduate Diploma in practical dermatology ,Cardiff university, UK
  • Certification in detoxcification and chelation trainind by CELMED
  • Certificate of Fundamental in cell theraphy
  • Certificate of cell theraphy in DM, cardiovascular workshop
  • Certificate of cell theraphy in orthopedics and joints workshop
  • Certificate of ultrasonic assisted lipolysis Hand-on
  • Certificate of cell theraphy for facial rejuvenation by Dr. Juliet Kartz
  • Certificate of Breast and Hip augmentation by Aqualift Hand-on
  • Certificate of Chelation Theraphy
  • Certificate of attendance of fat graft conference
  • Certificate of Breast fat graft transplant workshop
  • Certificate of facial fat graft transplant workshop
  • Certificate in Hair transplant Hand-on
  • Certificate of 25th acupuncture training course, Chengdu university of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China
  • Certificate of attended 2nd Meeting of acupuncture in Modern Medicine by Thai acupuncture and Herbal Medical Association, Thailand
  • Certificate of attened 3rd Meeting of acupuncture modern medicine by Thai acupuncture and Herbal Medical Association, Thailand. (diabetes mellitus issue)
  • Certificate of attened 4th meeting of acupuncture modern medicine by Thai acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Association,Thailand
  • Certificate of attended meeting of homeopathy
  • Certificate in Aesthetic medicine, American academy of aesthetic medicine,USA
  • Diploma in Aesthetic medicine, American academy of aesthetic medicine,USA
  • Certificate of Thread lift training course, Korea
  • Certificate in 14th anti-aging conference Mae fahluang University,Jutendo University, A4m
  • Certificate in Dermal Perfectha Filler Advances skill for skin rejuvenation and augmentation course
  • Certificate in restylane filler for skin rejuvenation Hand-on by Galderma.(vitalite)
  • Attendance in update in plastic surgery, Ramathibodi hospital. (16 CMEs)
  • Attendance in decade of evolution of Ramathibodi laser center, Ramathibodi hospital (16 CMEs)
  • Certificate in attended the radiopaedia emergengy radiology course, Melbourne
  • Certificate in attendance in advanced filler injection workshop by Merz filler
  • Certificate of participation the revolution of umcoming mesotherapy technique 2015 workshop by mesoesthetic
  • Certificate in botulinum toxin by botulax
  • Certificate in Thread lift workshop by K2 lifting
  • Certificate of completion by TT tightening barbed cog suture.
  • Certificate of the 4th A4M Thailand congress on Anti-aging and Aesthetic medicine
  • Certificate of the 5th A4M Thailand congress on Anti-aging and aesthetic medicine
  • Certificate of current issue in Dermatology 2013 by Chulalongkorn University
  • Certificate in men’s dermatology 2014 siriraj hospital, dermatology department conference
  • Certificate in many face in dermatology 2015 siriraj-Khonkaen interhospital, dermatology department conference
  • Certificate of attendance Introduction workshop 2015 KCCS Thailand
  • Certificate in Meet the expert in Dermatology 2015 by siriraj hospital
  • Certificate in attendance what we must know about aesthetic injection by institute of dermatology
  • Certificate of attendance aesthetic and corrective annual conference by Galderma
  • Certificate in Mint lift advanced skill for facial contouring and juvenescence course
  • Certificate in filler blunt injection technique by Restylane Galderma at goodwill clinic Hand-on
  • Certificate of training beauty and body secret by hugel toxin
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Professional Membership

  • Dermatology society of Thailand
  • Thai acupuncture and Herbal medical Association
  • Thai cell therapy association
  • Thai chelation therapy association
  • American academy of aesthetic medicine
  • American academy of anti-aging medicine
  • American academy restorative medicine
  • American Laser surgery
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