Rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injury


Rotator cuff consists of many muscles and tendons around the shoulder which plays a major role in shoulder movements. Rotator cuff Injury can be encountered in people who use their shoulder repetitively over time and even more common in some occupation where the shoulder are over used (e.g., painters or carpenters). It is more common as you get older (more than 60 years old) and it may be caused by a history of injured shoulder. Some familial traits are more prone to getting this type of condition. Mainly, the cause of rotator cuff injury are from degeneration or overuse.


The sign of rotator cuff injury are:

  • Weakness around the shoulder
  • Sleeping disturbance
  • Deep dull shoulder pain
  • Recurrent pain with specific activities
  • Cracking sound upon shoulder movement
  • Difficulty in doing simple tasks such as reaching your back or combing your hair

If you experience sudden shoulder or arm weakness, consult the doctor immediately.