Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)


Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) is a rare benign condition that occurs in the milk glands of the breast and has a high risk of developing breast cancer. It is usually found using a biopsy when there are irregularities like a breast lump or abnormalities found during the mammogram.

Breast cancer screening is recommended if you have an LCIS. Furthermore, the doctor may recommend medical treatment to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.


LCIS usually has no signs and symptoms. However, if a mammogram is performed due to abnormalities, it may be diagnosed from the biopsy.

If you have found a lump, skin irregularities or thickening on the breast, or abnormal discharges from the nipple, consult your doctor and request for a breast cancer screening.


The cause of LCIS is unclear. On the other hand, it starts with a genetic mutation of the cells in the lobular gland of the breast which turns normal cells into abnormal cells in the lobule and without affecting other structures nearby. Having LCIS detected in your breast does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. Rather, it increases the risk of acquiring breast cancer.

Around 20% of women who were diagnosed with LCIS have a risk of developing breast cancer and 80% will not have the disease. However, overall, 12 out of 100 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the risk of developing breast cancer depends of various factors. It is recommended to consult the doctor in order to evaluate your risk of having breast cancer.