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Patient’s Story: Regaining Strength After Surgery: Massive Rotator Cuff Tear Repaired


For months, Mr. Kelvin had been suffering from a searing pain from a severe shoulder injury. Turning everyday tasks into agonizing struggles. Feeling lost and unsure where to turn, a Google search led him to Vejthani Hospital. Determined to find relief, he flew from Australia to Bangkok with hope.

Dr. Ratthaphoom Watcharopas, a renowned sports medicine and shoulder joint surgeon, diagnosed Mr. Kelvin with a massive rotator cuff tear. Dr. Ratthaphoom offered a cutting-edge solution: an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair using Mr. Kelvin’s own tendon. This innovative technique not only addressed the tear but also aimed to strengthen the repair by utilizing his own bicep tendon. The outcome was remarkable. Mr. Kelvin’s long wait for relief was finally over.

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