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Vejthani Hospital Reveals a Surge in International Patients with Numbers Rising by 30-50% in the First Half of the Year, as it prepares to launch a New Hospital to Accommodate Individuals Seeking Mental Health Care


In the wake of the country’s reopening, Vejthani Hospital proudly announces a heartwarming resurgence in its business, with a notable 30-50% rise in foreign patients during the first half of this year. Particularly, patients from the Middle East and the CLMV countries have placed their trust in the hospital’s care, igniting a promising future in the ever-thriving tourism sector and boosting medical travel expansion.

Moreover, the hospital keenly observes the growing need for specialized mental health services worldwide in light of the global rise in mental health concerns. Vejthani is delighted to announce the opening of a groundbreaking hospital under the name “BMHH” on August 19, 2023. The new hospital is exclusively devoted to addressing mental health concerns and takes great pride in becoming the foremost private hospital for tertiary care in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Charkrit Soucksakit, chief executive officer of Vejthani Public Company Limited, revealed that Vejthani is not only eyeing the local market but expanding its reach to the global scale. Subsequently, the volume of international customers is equivalent to the volume of Thai customers, reflecting the hospital’s global standard as recently accredited by Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services, making Vejthani Hospital the world’s 5th hospital to receive the accreditation.

As the country completely reopens in the second half of 2022, Vejthani Hospital’s business is soaring, with a delightful surge in foreign patients returning to their trusted care from the Middle East, CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam), and Africa. The results are remarkable, with the number of foreign patients witnessing an impressive 30-50% growth in the first half of this year alone. This positive trend makes Vejthani Hospital confident that the tourism industry will flourish in 2024, resulting in a substantial influx of medical travelers to Thailand. This positive development is set to bring significant benefits to the business of Vejthani Hospital.

“For the past 15 years, Vejthani Hospital has consistently concentrated on medical travelers, leading to a strong base of international patients. Its reputation across all medical subspecialties, combined with expertise in treating patients with complex conditions, particularly in orthopedic diseases, has earned us the title ‘King of Bones,’ as given by our Middle Eastern patients. Our international marketing began when patients from abroad sought our expertise for their healthcare needs. Through effective treatment, we nurtured word-of-mouth marketing, which is a critical aspect for the medical tourism business to rely on. Satisfied patients then share their success stories with others, further enhancing our reputation.

In a recent development, we opened a Cancer Center last year, aiming to deliver comprehensive treatment, integrating a wide range of cutting-edge medical innovations in cancer. I can confidently say that Vejthani is the first private hospital to implement Cancer Vaccine and Cancer Avatar for cancer treatment. We collaboratively researched and developed these groundbreaking innovations with Chulalongkorn Hospital. The innovations have led us to practice precision medicine, where patients receive accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment tailored to their specific needs.”

‘BMHH’ – Mental Health Hospital Set to Open Soon”

Dr. Charkrit further revealed that “based on the strategic business plan, the hospital remains committed to becoming a leading specializing private hospital for tertiary care in Southeast Asia. The latest plan is to open “Bangkok Mental Health Hospital: BMHH,” on Tiwanon 39 Road. The hospital has been built to provide outstanding services with a captivating hospital design, consisting of a leading and skilled medical team specializing in psychiatry, new medical technologies, and innovations, including medications. These will ensure the expertise of the top medical teams in Thailand, guaranteeing the highest treatment efficiency. Our aim is to showcase these outstanding attributes to create awareness and attract our targeted groups.”

The focus on health and wellness has emerged as a megatrend, gaining paramount importance among people across the globe. Consequently, a significant surge in demand for specialized hospitals is driven by patients seeking improved and more efficient treatment options at reasonable costs.

According to global statistics, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of psychiatric patients worldwide. In Thailand, this number has doubled in the past six years. The Ministry of Health reported that approximately 2.5 million psychiatric patients sought treatment in 2022, leading to a significant need for psychiatry and mental health services. This increase reflects a growing awareness and understanding of mental health among Thais, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being.

There has been a remarkable growth in the volume of patients and their families seeking help from psychiatrists, reflecting a growing courage to address mental health concerns. Vejthani Hospital has keenly observed this trend and has delved into a comprehensive study to gain a clearer understanding, leveraging its expertise to provide effective patient care.

While this field may not yield substantial profits, entering a rapidly growing market allows the hospital to establish connections between the mental health and physical health sectors for the future. In addition, this step presents an invaluable opportunity for the hospital to further expand its knowledge and expertise in the realm of mental health.

“BMHH’s ultimate vision is to become a leading private mental health hospital within the region, equipped with a capacity to treat mental illnesses effectively. Although the primary focus is not on profitability, the hospital’s main objective lies in providing compassionate care to its patients, helping them return to everyday life. The aim is to gain local recognition within two years, and the prospects for achieving this goal are favorable because of the swift formation of a highly talented team led by renowned doctors and comprising skilled specialists with international qualifications, which is a promising indicator of success.

Once the hospital attains its local recognition, there will be a strategic shift towards catering to medical travelers, as the mental health field is experiencing tremendous growth beyond Thailand”, Dr. Charkrit concluded.

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