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What does “High Arched Feet” look like?


Feeling pain from putting pressure on the feet when walking or running could be an indicator of a foot deformity called “high arched feet or cavus foot”. The condition is characterized by excessively high plantar arch that causes pain in the soles and heels, which bear heavier weight than normal people.

Notice the following symptoms at an initial stage: 

  • People with high plantar arch will have bent toes
  • The outer edge of the foot tends to be the first part to hit the ground when running or walking
  • When stepping on a towel with a drenched foot, the area on the towel where the middle of the sole is supposed to touch will be dry if the patient has high arched feet.

If symptoms are affecting everyday life, the patient is recommended to consult a doctor to receive proper advice and treatment. Severe heel pain in certain patients may lead to Achilles tendinitis, tight calf muscle and frequent muscle cramps. This raises the risk of ankle sprains when wearing high heels which may affect bones in other parts of the feet.

However, if the symptoms are not severe, doctors’ advice would be to switch shoes to a pair that is a proper fit for the feet, with a soft sole, while avoiding high heels. Custom-made insoles could also be an option here. Nevertheless, if there are no improvements in the symptoms, surgery may be recommended. Currently, surgeries are minimally invasive, which gives a faster recovery period to patients.

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