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Running too much may put you at Risk of Acute Kidney Failure


Running is good for your health, but going over the limit may put you at risk of severe complications, especially for long-distance runners if they get dehydrated. Dehydration causes the body to circulate blood to the brain and the heart first before they supply to the other organs.

When less blood is circulated to the kidneys, it may lead to a decrease in kidney function, causing the pair to stop working and urination stops as well. This can be a cause of kidney failure, which is a fatal condition.

Water consumption recommendations when running

  • Drink water 2 hours before running and drink slightly more again before starting to run.
  • Should not drink excess water. Drink only when feeling thirsty to prevent low sodium in the blood.
  • If you run for over 1 hour, drinking electrolyte beverage is recommended or Maltodextrin (an energy gel for athletes), which is a type of carbohydrate that gradually gives energy.
  • Regularly check your urine color. Healthy urine is pale yellow.

However, people with chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, or kidney disease, should not go overboard with running and they are recommended to undergo annual health check-ups.

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