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Having Oily Skin, Acne Breakouts with unknown reasons could be signs of PCOS


Have you ever had acne breakouts and oily skin without knowing the causes? No matter how much you have tried to treat, the condition persists. It may be the cause of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It is a hormone-related condition and its causes are yet to be confirmed. Its effects on the body may include:

  1. Irregular menstruations, including missed periods in certain months and late periods.
  2. Acne breakouts, oily facial skin and excess hair growth which includes hair in the upper lip and legs.
  3. Multiple cysts found in the ovaries from an ultrasound scan.

The ovarian cysts that have been detected do not tend to be big, the ovaries may be slightly bigger than usual size and there may also be small cysts lining up along

the edges of the ovaries. Each cyst will produce hormones that raise the androgen level. This causes oily skin, acne breakouts and excess hair growth. Other conditions might also ensue, such as infertility and a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Therefore, if any suspected symptoms arise, you are recommended to immediately see a gynecologist. The doctor will primarily take the patient’s medical history, and perform a physical examination and ultrasound. The treatment will be based on the patient’s symptoms which may include using medications to adjust the level of hormones for patients with irregular menstruations or induce ovulation in case of having difficulty conceiving.

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