“Lung cancer” is one of the most prevalent cancer types that has killed many Thais, as in general, symptoms do not tend to appear in the initial stage of lung cancer.

As we are aware, lung cancer is caused by “smoking cigarettes”, but non-smokers can also be at risk of developing lung cancer due to the following factors:

  1. PM2.5 or air pollution
  2. Long-term exposure to smoke, such as incense smoke
  3. Being in an environment with toxic substances for a long time, such as asbestos
  4. Inhaling radioactive gas or radon, which is a colorless and odorless gas that can be found in natural soil and rock.
  5. Pulmonary diseases, such as tuberculosis increases the risk of lung cancer.
  6. Hereditary or having a family history of lung cancer

These make annual health checkup and undergoing low-dose CT scan extremely crucial. If cancer is detected at an initial stage and gets treated early, it can be completely cured.

However, leaving the tumor or the nodule in the lungs untreated as they increase in size, will cause cancer to spread and treatment will be challenging leading to a life-threatening situation.

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