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Cancer Vaccine: Bringing New Hope for 4th-Stage Lung Cancer Patients


Lung cancer is caused by an abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells in the lungs. The cells keep multiplying continuously until they form a tumor, resulting in disruptions of lung function.

Apart from that, the cells can also spread to other areas, such as the liver, brain and bones. The severity of lung cancer depends on its types. First-stage lung cancer in general is asymptomatic. However, when the cancer has spread or metastasized, it may cause a chronic cough and other symptoms, such as coughing up blood, phlegm, a persistent fever, a hoarse voice, difficulty breathing, chest pain, frequent fatigue and weight loss.

Treatment of Metastatic Lung Cancer includes:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy

An innovative, personalized treatment known as CANCER VACCINE is available in the present day. The treatment uses the data from cancer mutations that have occurred in the patients to be extracted to produce a vaccine. Cancer vaccine is produced with the objective of building immunity that is specific to cancer mutations and more effective in fighting against cancer.

Treating cancer with this method helps reduce the tumor’s size, prevents cancer recurrence and eliminates cancer cells that have not been killed by previous treatments.

To conduct a proper treatment plan for each individual, requires a multidisciplinary team of doctors and medical staff to provide suitable care to each patient. The team members will work together to analyze and find the most appropriate and effective treatment plan with the least side effects.

Therefore, if any suspected symptoms arise, seeking a medical advice immediately is recommended to find the precise cause. Undergoing a health check-up every year helps lower the risk of developing lung cancer or in case of being diagnosed with first-stage lung cancer, annual health check-up will raise the chance of permanent cure.

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