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Benefits of Treating Hemorrhoids with Laser Surgery


Hemorrhoids could be troublesome as the disease affects your everyday life and obstructs your mood during bowel movements, especially for those with Grade 3 or 4 hemorrhoids. It even causes sitting difficulty.

Today, laser surgery is available for hemorrhoid treatment. The procedure is done by a laser beam to destroy the blood vessels that supply the branches of hemorrhoid arteries. This will gradually reduce the size of the hemorrhoids until they dissolve.

Benefits of Treating Hemorrhoids with Laser Surgery

  • Fewer side effects compared to traditional surgery
  • Less pain at the incision site after surgery
  • Faster recovery, as the treatment targets the root cause
  • Able to return to normal life after the treatment

If you feel a lump during defecation or passing stools mixed with blood, visiting a doctor for a proper consultation and diagnosis is crucial.

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