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Choosing The Best IVF and Fertility Centers in Thailand


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Evaluate The Facility

Medical facilities are essential factors when choosing a fertility clinic. Receiving fertility care or IVF treatments typically involves a variety of tests and numerous visits to the clinic to check in with the doctor at various stages of the process.

More importantly, IVF treatments require advanced technology and outstanding medical specialists for the procedure to be successful. There are a variety of fertility treatments that you can try before jumping right into IVF. You may inquire the clinics about what kind of treatments they offer, so you have the options if needed. Checking if they have on-site embryology and andrology labs is essential to ensure high standards lab quality control.

Look at Doctor Qualifications

The specialists available at a fertility clinic will have a significant effect on your experience there and the success of any treatments you receive. Vejthani Fertility Center has a certified reproductive endocrinologist, the doctors who have completed full training of obstetrics – gynecology and reproductive medicine to get this specialization and have extensive knowledge of reproductive medicine and infertility, and the best tools to understand your situation.

Clear Communication

It is vital that the doctors and other medical personnel are helpful, welcoming, and willing to answer any questions you have. Because IVF process can be complex,  unique, and private to each individual, it is important that you ask questions about your situation and treatment plan. The team of medical specialists at Vejthani Hospital takes communication with patients very seriously, allowing patients to be heavily involved in their fertility journey.

The Best IVF Services in Thailand

Ultimately, each person’s needs are unique, and the best place for you to seek IVF or other fertility services will meet your requirements and make you feel comfortable. Vejthani Hospital offers high-quality IVF services and infertility treatment in Thailand, that include Infertility Screening, Egg/Sperm Freezing, Intrauterine insemination (IUI), IVF/ICSI Treatment, various sperm preparations and selection techniques, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis by assisted reproductive technologies, Embryo Scope Plus, mini-laparotomy and laparoscopic/hysteroscopic surgery.. Our world-class Fertility Center is certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation for serving worldwide standard medical and surgical integrations, as well as highly-trained hospital staffs and physicians who offer compassions to ensure that the patients feel at ease and well-informed throughout their treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how our reproductive healthcare experts can help you through the fertility process.

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