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2 Noticeable Symptoms of Herniated Discs


A herniated disc is a condition when one of the rubbery cushions also known as the discs that are placed in between the bones that make up your spinal cord, bulges out and puts pressure on the nerve. The condition can occur anywhere along the spinal cord, from neck to lower back. This causes the patients to have the following symptoms:

  • Back pain – Most of the patients have muscle pain around the middle of the back or the lower waist. The symptoms worsen when coughing, sneezing or sitting in a bending position.
  • Pain radiates down to leg – Patients will experience pain from the waist radiates down to legs and all the way to the feet. The pain will increase while walking or during certain body movements. Aside from these, additional symptoms may include numbness and muscle weakness. 

For patients with less severe symptoms or in the early stage, a doctor may consider treatment with pain relief medications, physiotherapy, and make behavioral changes in daily life. However, if the symptoms do not improve within 4-6 weeks or the condition progresses to a severe stage, surgery may be required. Currently, endoscopes is available, a technique in which the surgical incision is smaller than 1 centimeter which results in a shorter recovery period and eventually helps patients to get better and allow them to return to their normal lives faster. 

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