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4 Reasons why Hemorrhoids appear during Pregnancy


  1. The enlarged uterus will compress the blood vessels in the abdomen, causing the vessels that are located in the feet, legs, and rectum to have difficulties in carrying blood back to the heart. This results in blood congestion in the vessels around those regions. The blood congestion that occurs around the anal canal is seen as hemorrhoid. 
  2. Our body produces various kinds of hormones during pregnancy. Most of those hormones contribute to the enlargement of blood vessels, which results in further congestion of blood.
  3. Constipation that occurs during pregnancy is one of the contributing factors of hemorrhoids as well. This is because when pregnant women strain during bowel movements, a substantial amount of pressure is being pushed
  4. Standing or sitting for a long period of time can also trigger hemorrhoids because blood tends to accumulate around the lower parts of the body due to gravity. As a result, blood congestion appears around the feet which can lead to varicose veins or swollen feet. When blood congestion appears around the rectum, hemorrhoids can develop. 

If hemorrhoids are found during pregnancy, the patient should consult a doctor for the condition to be evaluated and receive proper self-care advice.

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