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Dental implant offers a unique opportunity to restore the dental health, allowing the patient to have functional and aesthetic tooth which is similar to natural tooth.

Advent of Digital Dentistry Technologies

With the advancements of the digital dentistry technologies, the process of dental implants at the Dentalis and Dental Implant Center at Vejthani Hospital in Thailand took a significant step forward, starting from dental imaging and planning, implant and abutment installation, and the dental prosthesis design.

Proper dental implant treatment planning is the first priority for successful dental implant treatment. At the Dentalis and Dental Implant Center, we use a sophisticated dental CT scanner which allow the dentist to see the 3-Dimension images of the missing teeth and jawbone, assisting the dentist in selecting proper implant size according to the integrity of the jawbone, as well as predicting the dental implant outcomes.

Once your implant is placed into the jawbone and if the bone integration appears to be successful, the abutment will be screwed to the implant. Then, the crown, dental prosthesis, core connection and abutment will be fabricated with the CAD/CAM technology under the hands of highly experienced dentist who is precise in creating the prosthesis preparation and accurate when taking the digital impression and drawing the restoration in the dental laboratory.

The CAD/CAM technology is a computer-aided design and manufacturing that allows the dentist to create the permanent prosthesis in one visit by, in essence, modelling the prosthesis in 3-Dimension custom images on a computer by digitally capturing the preparations with an optical scanner before it’s made. Once, the virtual impression was created, it is then imported into the software that makes an exact computer-generated cast to construct the permanent prosthesis. Therefore, you can be ensured that your dental implant prosthesis will be matched for color and opacity with the surrounding natural teeth.

Better Results in Lesser Time

With the advancements of the digital dentistry technologies, the dental implant, abutment, and dental prosthesis can now be designed and installed within one day.  The dental implants are more exacting and comfortable for the patient.

Moreover, the improved quality of the dental implant prosthesis created through the use of the CAD/CAM technology is also increasing popularity.

If you’re interested in receiving same day dental implant or learning more about the new dental implant technology in Thailand, make an appointment at the Dentalis and Dental Implant Center at Vejthani Hospital. We can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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