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Risk Signals of Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer found in Thai women and is the leading cause of death, with approximately 41% found in patients aged between 40-49 years old and 18.6% in women under 39 years old. Self-observation is therefore crucial, as it will increase the chance of early-stage diagnosis of breast cancer and result in successful treatment. The following 7 signs should be monitored.

  1. Changes in the size or shape of the breast
  2. Signs of redness on the surface of the breast, red rash, swollen or warm, like the appearance of an orange peel, open wound that does not heal, rash surrounding the nipple that cannot be cured
  3. Presence of an abnormal lump from palpation in the breast and underarm region
  4. Changes in the breast, like skin dimpling or bulging
  5. Inverted or retracted nipple
  6. Unusual nipple discharge such as blood or puss-like fluid
  7. Noncyclical breast pain or pain that is unrelated to menstrual cycle

If any signs of abnormal symptoms are present, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor to undergo a breast cancer screening through a diagnostic test. With the help of a 3D digital mammogram machine in conjunction with breast ultrasound. Because early detection of breast cancer can be completely cured.

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