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Recover Your Strength and Mobility with Physical Therapy


After suffering an injury or recovering from surgery, it is important to make concerted efforts to rebuild your body’s strength. Physical therapy can help strengthen weakened muscles and bring their overall health back to the level it was before their injury or surgery.

Lower body injuries, such as injuries to leg muscles, knees, hips, and feet, often leave the patient with trouble balancing or walking with their normal gait. This can be a challenge to overcome without supervised physical therapy as there is a risk that the patient will try to correct their imbalance themselves which resulting in creating more issues.

Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center is one such place where patients recovering from injury or surgery can receive physical therapy from trained professional physiatrists and physiotherapists with the use of advanced modalities which are tailor-made for each patients.

What can a Patient Expect at Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center?

Any patient receiving treatment at Vejthani Hospital can participate in professional physical therapy with Vejthani’s team of physiatrists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. We are trained in Human Movement Therapy, which is vital for patients recovering from lower-body injuries.

Using advanced modern rehabilitation technologies, Vejthani’s team will be able to target the muscles and joints that need physical therapy and work to get the patient’s mobility and balance back to normal.

Patients who come to the Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center for physical therapy for their lower body can expect world-class Human Movement Therapy and professional service to help them resume walking as normal.

Balance Rehabilitation

An injury to the leg or foot often requires you to rest the injured limb and reduce the amount of weight put on it. This is why those with leg or foot injuries are given crutches to aid walking. But during recovery, leg muscles, joints, and tendons are all left inactive, reducing their strength and flexibility. When a patient resumes walking after recovery, they may feel unbalanced or without equal strength in both legs.

Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center can help rebalance and strengthen those troubled muscles, joints, and tendons. Using exercise machines such as a Biometrics Balance Machine, Leg Press Machine, Hip Strengthening Machine, etc. Vejthani’s team will help train targeted muscles and joints to maximize your function.  

Gait Rehabilitation

While having balance between your leg muscles is critical for walking normally after a lower-body injury, enabling your body to maintain your prior gait is just as important. Vejthani’s team members are experts in training your muscles and joints after injury or surgery to return to your previous function.

Using the LiteGait Machine, patients can gradually begin to re-establish their normal walking pattern without worrying about putting too much weight on recovering bones, muscles, and joints. Patients are strapped into the LiteGait by wearing a girdle and can select the amount of weight support they need from the overhead pulley system. Using a LiteGait allows patients and physiotherapists to focus on the patient’s mobility and movement without the risk of reinjure from bearing too much weight.

Don’t Avoid Physical Therapy

Recovering from an injury is physically and mentally taxing, and patients can often feel an urgency to return to optimal health. As a result, many forgo physical therapy and rush to return to their normal activities. This approach is both inefficient and risky, and returning to normal function too early can result in further injury.

Rather than run that risk, visit Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center and schedule an appointment with an experienced team. Doing so will do wonders for your sustained health and mobility. 

Vejthani Hospital’s Advanced Rehabilitation Center aims to provide a full range of rehabilitation programs under the care of the highly skilled and experienced team, including physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists who are experts in ‘Human Movement Rehabilitation’ for patient’s individual goals and needs with the ultimate aim to treat your illness.

‘Maximize Your Quality of Life with the Advanced Human Movement Rehabilitation, because Life is Movement’

Vejthani, Victory for Life.

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