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Checklist – 5 signs that indicate Chocolate Cysts


Many people tend to confuse the symptoms of Chocolate Cyst with other diseases, but that is not unusual because similar symptoms can be caused by different diseases. Therefore, diagnosis cannot be made merely by verbally explaining the symptoms to the doctor but diagnostic tests and examinations must be done in conjunction.

Here is a review of the symptoms that can occur if we have Chocolate Cyst. Chocolate Cysts are ovarian cysts caused by endometriosis. Chocolate Cysts filled with fluid are formed deep within the ovaries. The inside is filled with fluid which are old menstrual blood and tissues that appear like chocolate, which is the reason behind their name Chocolate Cysts.

Chocolate Cysts symptoms vary greatly from patient to patient as follows:

  • Lower abdominal pain during menstruation and cramps increase to the extent where taking painkiller becomes a necessity.
  • Cramps in different areas during menstruation along with abdominal pain, e.g., cramps in lower back, waist and coccyx region.
  • Bloating, diarrhea, and severe pain while defecating during menstruation.
  • Experiencing pain in the pelvic area during sex.
  • Infertility.

Complications may follow if you have Endometriosis or Chocolate Cysts:

  • Formation of adhesion in the internal abdomen or pelvic floor that result in chronic lower abdominal pain.
  • The adhesion formed in the abdomen can constrict the fallopian tube which makes it difficult to conceive or increases the risk of an ectopic pregnancy and decreases the number of embryos implanted in the uterus.
  • The adhesion compresses the ureter, causing the ureter to swell which leads to swollen kidney.

Nonetheless, these symptoms do not only indicate the condition of Endometriosis. There are diseases that have similar symptoms. Therefore, diagnosis must be made by multiple tests including checking the symptoms, physical examinations and ultrasounds. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the right and most suitable treatment can then be used. For inquiries, kindly call +66(0)85-223-8888 (English Hotline).

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