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Crucial Health Screenings Women Should Prioritize Scheduling on a Regular Basis


Undergoing health screening tests is vital for maintaining optimal health and preventing potential health problems. Regular health screenings can detect diseases and conditions early on, which increases the chances of successful treatment and recovery. Ways to look after yourself include exercising, eating healthy food and as an indispensable factor, undergoing health screening tests. Here is the list of tests that are important to receive.

  • Mammography and Breast Ultrasound: 25 years old women and older are recommended to do a breast self-examination once a month as well as consult a doctor to receive a breast screening test with a mammogram and a breast ultrasound once a year starting from the age of 40.
  • Pap smear: This cervical cancer screening test is extremely important for both single and married women. Those who are at least 30 years old should undergo the test once a year.
  • HPV vaccine: Girls and women who are aged over 9-26 years old are advised to receive this vaccine before engaging in sexual intercourse for the first time.

HPV vaccine can also prevent genital warts and anal cancer in men. Women who have had sexual intercourse or age at least 26 years old may also receive the vaccine. While vaccines may become less effective if a patient has a history of HPV infection, they are still crucial to disease prevention for those who have never been infected.

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