Femto LASIK, a bladeless refractive eye surgery which allows you to get a clearer vision from every angle. 

What is Femto LASIK?

Besides glasses and contact lens, currently, there are several advanced technologies for vision correction, such as LASIK, Femto LASIK, and Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL). A bladeless refractive eye surgical technique or also known as Femto LASIK is the most popular refractive eye surgical technique because it is more precise, safe, and comfortable to the eyes. Moreover, Femto LASIK can be performed on patients who have thin corneas, abnormal size or curve of the cornea, and small eyes. 

Femto LASIK, a bladeless refractive eye surgery is different from the traditional LASIK because during the traditional LASIK, a flap is made with a cut by a cutting tool, and then the excimer laser will be used to reshape the cornea for vision correction. In the Femto LASIK, on the other hand, every step is done using a laser, starting from the step of creating a flap to the step of reshaping the cornea. Therefore, Femto LASIK has higher precision and is better than the traditional LASIK.

The advantages of Femto LASIK

LASIK is an innovative and effective technology that can help people who have vision problems and are affected from wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct the nearsightedness or farsightedness for a more comfortable life and clearer vision without the needs of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. The bladeless refractive eye surgery or Femto LASIK has been developed to be gentler to the eyes, allowing the patients to feel more comfortable, shorter surgery time, safer than the traditional LASIK, and there is no need to inject the anesthetics so there is no invasive scar. Moreover, it can also reduce the risk of having a scratched cornea (Corneal abrasion), allowing faster healing of the corneas and shorter recovery time. The patients can be assured that Femto LASIK can safely and permanently help correct the eye’s vision problem to get back to their normal or close to normal vision.

Who are suitable for Femto LASIK?

People who aim to undergo the vision correction by Femto LASIK should have stable eyesight for at least 1 year and don’t have any diseases related to the eyes or corneas such as Keratoconus, or Macular Degeneration. Nevertheless, we recommend you to consult the doctor to plan a proper treatment method that best suits you.

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