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Boost Your Confidence with A Radiant Smile created by Smile Designer @Vejthani Hospital


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 “A Dazzling Smile” is what many of us desire to have. But the appearance of our teeth can sometimes makes us feel insecure.  Gapped teeth, yellow teeth, or a gummy smile are often the causes of insecurities which can eventually take its toll on our confidence. Don’t worry! Smile Designer at Vejthani Hospital has developed a way to design and solve your dental and gum problems that will fix your imperfections and enhance the confidence in your smile!

Dr. Rapeepan Monaraks, a dentist and smile designer of Vejthani Hospital explained that a person’s oral health can have an impact on their self-esteem. However, that will no longer be an issue as now we have a specialized procedure called Smile Design which allows dentists to give you a more beautiful and youthful smile that suits you. The procedure revitalizes your teeth with a customized design that creates a unique style of smile that suites different individual’s personality.

The primary components of a beautiful and radiant smile consist of color, shape, teeth proportion, teeth alignment, appearance of gums and how they complement facial structure. Apart from these factors, there are three essential lines that appear on a dazzling smile: 1. Line of the upper lip 2. Line on the alignment of gums 3. Line on the alignment of lower teeth.

Line of the upper lip should meet the line on gums alignment. A smile that appears youthful is when a small part of gums and beautiful arrangement of teeth are visible. If gum tissues appear too much or more than 5 millimeters, it can be considered as gummy smile. However, if gums are not visible at all, an aging smile could show through.

The alignment of the lower teeth should meet the Curve-line of the lower lip. If these two lines are at an equal level, a sweet and charming smile will appear. If the alignment of the lower teeth appears much lower than the line of the lower lip, a smile of an elderly’s may turn out.

“Bright and beautifully arranged teeth are always the causes of charming smile that makes an impact on people which can eventually build self-confidence in a person, while discolorations on teeth can be the reason of a dull and lifeless smile. Moreover, the shape, size, proportions, and gap between teeth can further affect the kind of smile a person has. Thus, problem of each individual varies. I highly recommend patients to visit a smile designer for a personal consultation to receive a precise treatment”, said Dr. Rapeepan.

Restoring your oral condition to obtain a radiant and youthful smile may requires Dental Veneers, which is a specialized method used by smile designer to color-coat the front surface of your teeth to improve their look to appear aesthetic. This will also protect the surface of the teeth from damage. Before getting into the treatment, Smile designer will create a personalized simulation of coating which will allow the patient to visualize the expected before or after result. More importantly, this treatment is renowned for its longevity which can be done within a short amount of time. For those who suffer from oral health problems that have been affecting their self-esteem, we strongly advise them to consult a dentist who is also a smile designer to develop customized treatment plan which can effectively bring back their beautiful and confident smile.

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