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Are Varicosities Dangerous?


Varicosities, also known as varicose veins are swollen, enlarged, and twisted blue or dark purple veins that usually appear on the leg. Basically, varicosities cause no dangerous symptoms but swelling, warmth, pain sensation in the affected area, and muscle cramp may occur in the middle of the night. 

Is it dangerous if left untreated?

Varicosities decrease the efficiency of the blood flow which can cause these complications below: 

  • Bleeding disorder: The varicosities are close to the skin so if it got cut or affected, it is hard to stop the bleeding.
  • Thrombosis: The clot can block the blood flow and leads to inflammation in the vein which can cause warmth, pain sensation, and redness on the affected area.

For the effective result of treatment, the patient should come early to receive varicosities treatment because if left untreated, the varicosities will become more severe, the color of the skin on the affected area will be changed to darker color or black, and it may cause complications which will be hard treat. 

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