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Neck Arthrosis is More Dangerous than You Thought


Pain in the neck caused by neck arthrosis or cervical spondylosis is an age-related disease caused by degeneration. It usually occurs on people aged over 60 years old and people who have poor posture when reading books, using smartphone, and using a computer for several hours every day. Nowadays, neck arthrosis is more likely to occur in younger people compared to the past. The primary symptoms of neck arthrosis are stiffness and pain in the neck, pain in shoulders and arms, pain around the shoulder joints, and frozen shoulders.

Neck Arthrosis can be divided into 3 degrees of severity:

  • Mild: The patients feel pain in the neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades
  • Moderate: There is an entrapment neuropathy problem, thus the patients experience pain and numbness along the nerves, weakness in hands and arms, and severe pain in the neck down to the arms.
  • Severe: There is a spinal cord compression involved, so that the patients will have stiffness in the body, arms, and legs, and have a body balance disorder. 

There are several treatment options for neck arthrosis, depending on its severity.  If the symptom is mild, it can be cured by rehabilitation and medication. But, if the patients have numbness along with muscle weakness, surgery may be needed. Currently, there is a minimally invasive surgery which allows the patients to have a small incision of 3 centimeters, thus, the patients get faster recovery and after only one night of hospital stay, the patients can be discharged and go back to spend their normal lives.  

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