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What kind of lump in the breast is a cancer?



Breast cancer is one of the most common women’s cancers and it is increasing every year. All women are at risk of breast cancer. Hence, checking yourself is an important thing to do. If you have palpated a lump in your breast, it doesn’t always mean that it is a cancer, it is probably a cyst or tumor. So, what kind of lump in the breast is a cancer?

A breast cancer’s lump usually has a rough texture. However, it might be smooth in some cases. The skin on the breast may be dimpled or the shape of the breast is distorted. There may be wounds on the nipple and around the nipple, or there may be lymph node or blood coming out of the nipple. In some case, the lump will be found under the armpit, and a red swelling in the breast that is similar to breast inflammation may occur.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have any signs or symptoms of breast cancer, you should observe and palpate your breasts once a month starting at the age of 25 years old, and undergo the breast cancer screening with mammogram and ultrasound of the breasts and armpits area once a year once you reach the age over 40 years old. 

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