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Knee pain, a painful symptom that effects our daily life


Do you feel pain in your knees during your daily activities, such as praying, climbing stairs, or even having meals with your loved one?

If the answer is ‘YES’, you should go to see the doctor to diagnose your symptoms and knees searchingly.

Vejthani Hospital’s Total Joint Replacement Center is one of the premier centers that could provide total knee replacement in Thailand . Having a total knee replacement in Thailand performed can free you from chronic pain and improve the quality of your life.

Having a joint replaced is a safe procedure to have performed but before undergoing the treatment, your surgeon will have to decide which prosthetic is suitable for your knees because there are several options to choose from. Currently, the knee prosthesis has a long lifetime, it has developed and designed to be last 10-20 years longer.

During the total knee replacement in Thailand , the damaged areas of the knee will be resurfaced, and the metal implants will be placed in the femur and tibia. Then, the surgeon will insert a spacer between the two surfaces of the metal implants. The spacer is made of a type of plastic on which the face of the femoral implant can glide and swivel as effectively as a normal knee.

After receiving the total knee replacement in Thailand , the patient needs to stay in the hospital for around 4-5 days. Physical therapy will play an important role in the recovery process. The patient will be able to walk normally within 6-12 hours after the surgery and can do all active activities within about 3 – 6 weeks after the surgery. At Vejthani Hospital’s Total Joint Replacement Center, we offer all customers the greatest quality of life improvement and provide a total solution to knee problems. With our specialized surgeons who fully equipped with knowledge provides you with true health care that is more than just a treatment but prevention as well. Vejthani Hospital has one of the highest success rates and has one of the best outcomes in total knee replacement in Thailand .

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