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Rotator Cuff Tear can be repaired by Arthroscopic Surgery


Chronic shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff tear can affect our daily life because the ability to move the arm is decreased. The patient will sometimes experience pain around the shoulder and around the elbow. If left untreated, it will get more severe and harm the other tendons.

The treatment for rotator cuff tear depends on the severity of the symptom:

Mild – This rotator cuff tear can be treated by Physical therapy

For the patient who has less than 50% of the damage on the rotator cuff, the doctor will provide the medication treatment with physical therapy. The doctor will also, recommend the patient to stop using the shoulder for a while in order to improve the ability of the shoulder. In some cases, the doctor might consider to provide medical injection.

Severe – This rotator cuff tear can be repaired by Arthroscopic surgery

For the patient who has more than 100% damage on the rotator cuff, and cannot be treated by medication and physical therapy, the doctor will recommend the patient to undergo the surgery. Currently, there is an arthroscopic surgery procedure which is not an open surgery. The patient who undergoes the arthroscopic surgery will have just a small size of incision (around 1 centimeter), thus, the patient will recover faster compared to the open surgery procedure.

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