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Put an end to your Migraine problem with an Innovative Treatment in Thailand


Medical experts have suggested that the new type of preventive medicines is far more effective in migraine patients than conservative treatment like oral medications. As the new injection treatment contains anti-neurotransmitter CGRP which is the primary cause of intense headaches, it has properties that can suppress the symptoms of migraine attack. It does not only help preventing headaches but it will eventually improve the quality of patient’s life as suffering from severe migraine will no longer be an issue.

Migraine is considered the second most common type of illness that causes headache while Tension-Type headache being the first. Migraine is found 2-3 times more in women than men. In most cases, the symptoms persist in teenaged and middle-aged people.

Migraines have previously been treated with oral medications and advance technologies such as shock wave therapy, high intensity laser treatment and Electromagnetic stimulation machine along with physio-therapies. However, these treatments merely aimed to relieve pain.

While recent medical discoveries disclosed that main reason of experiencing painful headache among migraine patient is due to Calcification gene related peptide or CGRP which is a type of protein in human body. The protein is stimulated and released around the brain muscles and nerves, causing intense inflammation in the coverings of the brain and blood vessels and eventually results in pain of a migraine attack. The symptoms persist around head and neck areas while some people can experience it on their face as well. 

There are several factors that stimulate CGRP and leads the substance to release in the brain during a migraine attack, such as eyes’ intense exposure to light, nasal expose to cigarette or incense smoke, and perfumes. Taste of excessive seasonings, cheese and caffeinated beverages could also be some of factors. Moreover, lack of sleep and stress play significant roles in excessive release of CGRP.

Previously, the intake of pain relief and muscle relaxation pills or (Sumatriptan), blood vessels constriction medicine, along with the help of technology for physio-therapies have been the solution to relieve migraine pain and reduce its severity.  However, currently we have discovered antibody against CGPR and against the receptor to which CGRP binds. Unlike in the past, it works as a CGRP-inhibitor that obstruct the causes of a migraine attack from the root before the symptoms even arise. Anti-CGRP, therefore is a prevention of migraine that leads to headache. It works like vaccines that we use to protect from various diseases

Anti-CGRP can be compared to vaccine that hampers migraines from occurring and not treating. As it has preventing properties rather than curing, it binds to CGRP and disrupt the substance from working, which results in less severity of the pain. After receiving the medication, the patient is most likely to experience 50-75 percent less pain during a migraine attack. For instance, if the patient was having 10 episodes of migraine attack in a month, the new treatment will reduce it down to 2-3 times. While oral medications can only prevent 2-3 out of 10 episodes to occur in a month. As a result, the specifically developed preventive injection has been widely accepted by chronic migraine patients in foreign countries as well as in Thailand.

The new CGRP migraine treatment is taken by injections on skin surface. One injection is efficient for a month. As doctors’ recommendations, the medicine should be injected for 6 months continuously in order to see a definite result.

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