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AIMOVIG, a Treatment Option for Migraine


Migraine is the second common type of headache and it usually occurs on young women more than men. Migraine is an annoying disease because the symptoms in the early stage aren’t severe, but if the patient let the symptoms be without receiving the right treatment, the symptoms will be more severe day by day until the pain killer pills can no longer help.  Some patients might experience headache every day which affects their daily lives.

For the primary medical care, the doctor will recommend the patient to take some rest in a quiet, dark, and peaceful area, avoid the risk factors, and take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen, or migraine medication such as Ergot or Triptans. However, it should be prescribed by the doctor. Currently, there is another migraine treatment option called AIMOVIG. AIMOVIG is a preventive migraine injection. Since migraine medication doesn’t work on some patient who have severe symptom, receiving a preventive migraine injection is an option that could reduce the symptoms effectively. The patient will be injected on their thigh, tummy, or shoulder once a month.

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