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Malignant Melanoma


Malignant Melanom

Malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer which has developed from melanocyte cells. This type of cancer causes pigmentation. Hence why some people thought that it’s only a mole.

Risk Factors:

  • Female
  • Ultraviolet rays exposure
  • Age over 40 years old


Malignant melanoma can occur on any parts of the body, especially on skin areas exposed to the sunlight. It appears like a mole so many people ignore it. The following are the characteristics of a Melanoma:

  • Uneven shape
  • Irregular edges
  • Uneven color tone
  • The size is getting bigger
  • The shape and color are changing
  • Itchy, bleeding, or looks like a  wound


It depends on the severity of the cancer and the patients’ health status. The treatment methods are surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biologic treatment, and targeted therapy. However, it is hard to tell if it is a malignant melanoma. Thus, you should see the dermatologist to receive an accurate diagnosis.

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