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Ultrafine dust


PM 2.5 dust , the tiny particles that affects the respiratory system, heart, blood vessel, and cause Allergies, Chronic rashes, Free radicle, Heart diseases, High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

Moreover, the dust is heavy metal carriers that could bring heavy metal, such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum, and other carcinogens to the body. If the body receives a lot of heavy metal, it will affect cells, heart, blood vessel, brain, liver, kidney, and endocrine system’s function.

The common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning;

  • Cough, sneeze, and Itchy throat
  • Frequently has headache without reason
  • Frequently has muscle pain/cramp, fingers/toes numbness, and easy to get tried
  • Rashes or urticarial on skin

Who are at risk of heavy metal poisoning;

  • Lives in the area around the industrial factory
  • Love having outdoor activities, such as exercise and picnic
  • Frequently touch chemicals, such as hair coloring, nail painting, and amalgam filling
  • Frequently consume seafood that comes from poisoned resources or fruit and vegetable that is contaminated with chemicals or insecticide.
  • Face PM 2.5 dust problems

Nowadays, there is a way to strengthen immune systems and detoxify blood vessel and body called “Intravenous vitamins therapy” or IV.  Thus, if you have these mentioned symptoms, you should go to see the doctor in order to receive a consultation and proper treatments from the doctor.

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