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Leukemia , a dangerous disease that might occur on everybody.



The sooner you know, the better the result of the treatment you will get.

Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells caused by abnormal blood cell overproduction. It occurs in the bone marrow where the blood cells are originated. When the body overproduces the abnormal blood cells, the normal blood cells will be reduced so that the patients who have abnormal blood cells will have these following symptoms;

  • Decreased production of red blood cells: If the body produces fewer red blood cells, it will cause anemia, exhaustion, lacking energy, pale, and faint.
  • Abnormal white blood cell production: If the body produces abnormal white blood cells, the body’s immunity function will be deducted so that the patients will be easy to infect, and the infectious might be worse than usual. Moreover, the fungal infection on the lungs or in blood vassal maybe occurs on people who have abnormal immunity functions.
  • Abnormal platelet production: If the body produces abnormal platelet, it will cause bleeding disorder, bleeding gums, epistaxis, blood spots on the skin, or easy to get a bruise. 

Besides the mentioned symptoms, swelling gums and/or splenomegaly might occur on the patients, if the leukemia cells hoard on different organs.
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