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The connection between Backache and Obesity


Obesity causes a lot of diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, and dyslipidemia. However, obesity can cause backache as well because the spine has to support the body’s weight in every movement so that it causes disk degeneration. The more your body’s weight is, the more pressure the spine has to support. Thus, the muscle and spine of people who have abdominal obesity have to support a lot of weight as well as the big belly that ballast the body to the front, so that the waist will be leaned to the front and cause muscle weakness, and the body balance capability will be reduced and cause disk degeneration eventually. Disk degeneration will cause chronic lower back pain and muscle weakness symptoms.

Hence, we better control our weight in order to prevent this problem, but if you are having this problem right now, you should go to see the specialist immediately.

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