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Normally, we sleep around 8 hours per day to allow our body to relax after a long day. However, some people are not truly rested while sleeping, their bodies even work harder, and some people ended their lives while sleeping.

The reasons why sleeping is a danger to some people

Snoring would not be dangerous if there are no abnormal breathing conditions and sleep apnea while sleeping. Patients who have narrow respiratory tract  will regularly snore while sleeping but when they fell asleep, the respiratory tract was blocked so that the snore sound volume will be alternating between up and down, and pause periodically, patients will be like they are suffocating in the water and that will decrease blood oxygen level and might cause degenerative nerve diseases.

SLEEP TEST PROGRAM is divided into two parts

The respiratory tract check-up

  • Health check-up; there may be nasal cavity, sinus, oral cavity, and tongue abnormalities.
  • Special nasal and oral cavity examination in the sleep posture by using a flexible endoscope. However, the doctor  will consider using this examination for some suitable patients.
  • X-ray examination to find the narrow respiratory tract.

Polysomnography : PSG or Sleep Test

Polysomnography is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. This type of examination consists of;

  • Brain waves diagnosis – To measure how deep is the sleep, the efficiency of the sleep, and skeletal muscles activities while sleeping.
  • Heart waves diagnosis – To check the heart rate and rhythm.
  • Blood oxygen level measurement – To check the blood oxygen level while sleeping.
  • Breathing measurement – To check breathing patterns, including absence and pause and skeletal chest muscles activities while sleeping
  • Snore checking – To check the snoring sound, pattern, and the posture while snoring
  • Body position monitoring – To check the posture while sleeping

A standard Polysomnography or Sleep Test needs to be done within the sleep laboratory under the control of well-trained specialist because it is a quite complicated procedure and a lot of equipment usages. With this type of examination, the doctor will know how well or how deep is the sleep and the problems that may occur while sleeping such as, sleep apnea, etc., the doctor might consider using the Continue Passive Airway Pressure ventilator or the CPAP ventilator to measure the proper airway pressure in order to cure sleep apnea. The examination will take time 6-8 hours approximately, which is the sleeping time of normal people. However, if the patient’s sleep time is fewer than 6 hours, the less reliable of the result is. The result of the sleep test that was evaluated by a computer might mistake so that the doctor or highly-skilled specialist has to recheck the result in order to make sure that everything is correct.

The Sleep Test or the stand PSG was recognized as the Gold standard or the best sleep abnormal diagnosis, especially sleep apnea that was acknowledged as the most dangerous disease because it might affect brain, heart, other parts of the body, and if it is getting worst, it might cause death while sleeping.

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