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Reduce the risk of losing organs with Oxygen therapy


The chronic wound is caused by some reasons, such as Diabetic, Atherosclerosis, and Radiation injury. A lot of patients suffer from chronic wounds because most of them end up by losing their organs.

With the evolution of medical technology, there is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or 100% Oxygen therapy chamber, and it could help patients to reduce the risk of losing organs. The Vejthani’s surgeon said that the human body is made up of cells that are the composition of various tissues in the body, and each cell and tissue live with oxygen. Basically, the body can bring oxygen into cells by breathing 20% of oxygen with the help of red blood cells which are oxygen collector and spread it to various cells in the body.

The way of bringing oxygen into cells and tissues of the patient body is to take the patient into the 100% Oxygen therapy chamber which has a little bit higher pressure than the normal pressure so that patients can breathe 100% of oxygen. With the Oxygen therapy, the oxygen molecules can infiltrate into the watery part of the blood or known as serum. This procedure does not need red blood cells, and it means that the area where red blood cells cannot get in will receive enough oxygen and the area where red blood cells can get it will receive more oxygen than the other parts which is good for any cells in the body.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can improve the normal function of every kind of cells in the body, reduces the swelling of all tissues caused by accidents, increases the efficiency of white blood cells to eliminate bacteria especially the bacteria that do not need oxygen to thrive, also inhibit and resist infection. For the patients who underwent surgery and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the swelling after surgery will be reduced as well as the infection rate. For the cancer patients who received chemotherapy and cause organ abnormalities, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy also can improve the normal function of the cells in the body.

Lacking oxygen or receiving less oxygen cause cells and tissues degenerative or defunct eventually. Therefore, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can reduce the rate of losing organs. In some patients, the surgeon may consider to cut the organ such as, finger and toe to reduce the swelling of the wound and to cure chronic wounds that caused by lacking oxygen. With the Oxygen therapy, patients will have faster recovery, so that it can save costs of wound care.

However, the Oxygen therapy has to be operated by the specialist to reduce the risk of complications that may occur. Patients need to follow the instructions provided by the specialist and always take good care of health because it is the best way of curing every kind of diseases.

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