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Hip Replacement at Vejthani Hospital in Thailand, The Center of Medical Tourism in Asia


Choose Vejthani Hospital for Your Hip Replacement Surgery

Vethani Hospital has the facilities and medical experts to perform hip replacement surgery on both Thais and foreigners visiting Bangkok to have a hip replaced.  Vejthani Hospital Total Joint  Replacement Solution Center is an internationally certified facility, awarded with the Knee Replacement CCPC program presented by the Joint Commission International JCI, USA.

Vejthani Hospital is Highly Skilled at Hip Replacement Surgery

Having a hip replaced is often the last option you have in order to walk normally again. But continually delaying the surgery is never a good choice. When your hip has deteriorated to the point that hip surgery is recommended by your doctor, postponing the surgery is often making your situation even worse.

There is really no point in putting off a hip replacement. They are performed all over the world on a regular basis. And while the surgery itself is a major invasive procedure, as long as your surgeons are knowledgeable and experienced performing the operation, there is little to worry about.

At Vejthani Hospital, the doctors and staff are highly skilled in minimally invasive surgery performing hip replacement surgery. The notes and recommendation from your doctor at home are carefully reviewed by them or they can perform the initial examination themselves to give you their opinion on the recommended treatment for your hip problem.

Life After a Hip Replacement

Once the hip has been replaced, the hospital staff will have you out of bed and walking within a few days of the surgery. While this may seem too soon for some, the reason is to avoid any blood clots forming due to inactivity after surgery. Within 3 to 6 weeks you will be pretty much moving normally.

For foreigners who travelled to Thailand, specifically for hip replacement surgery, they may think that this will cause some inconvenience with regards to their visa status. They may be concerned about having to leave Thailand soon after the surgery because their visa is expiring before they are completely recovered. Rest assured — at Vejthani Hospital, the surgery will not cause such inconvenience. You will not need to leave before you are fully recovered and you will not end up overstaying your visa.

Foreign Patients Can Rely on Vejthani Hospital’s Travel Services


Foreign patients who think they must travel home fairly soon after their surgery might be surprised to learn about Vejthani Hospital’s travel and visa services.

The staff can easily arrange for a visa extension for you, change your flights, book a hotel room for once you are ready to leave the hospital. They can even arrange for ground transportation from your Vejthani Serviced Apartment room to the airport.

The hospital has translators that can speak various languages to always ensure that patients completely understand the instructions of their doctors.

Vejthani Hospital has a total range of services to make it easier for foreign patients to take advantage of their high-quality services at competitive prices.

Vejthani Hospital has representative offices in 20 different countries worldwide. You can get in touch with these offices in your home country to work out the details of travelling to Thailand for your hip replacement surgery.

Vejthani Hospital has an entire services and support team to help foreigners deal with the after-effects of an invasive procedure like hip replacement surgery. If your doctor has recommended a hip replacement as your final solution, consider having the surgery performed by the professional, experienced and highly skilled surgical team at Vejthani Hospital.

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