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Surgery Within ’24 Hours’ Improves Quality Outcomes in Hip Fracture


As we known that the osteoporosis is a health concern among elderly people and associated with changes in balance and physical performance which increase the risk of falling. The most common sites of fracture is the hip as it mainly absorbs the attack.

Noticed Hip Bone Fracture

  • Too painful to move.
  • Can’t afford body weight or can’t stand.
  • Cold at feet resulted by insufficient blood supply.
  • Visible bruise, swelling and discomfort around the hip.

First Aid For Elders With Fractures

If you witness elderly falls accident and suspect bone fractures, especially the hip, you should call hospital emergency to get help from transport patient experts to avoid further injuries and damages.

Hip Fracture Needs Immediate Care

It is important for hip fracture patients to receive a surgery within 24 hours, in order to avoid followed complications such as bed ridden, bedsore, cystitis, inflammation, and venous thromboembolism. Delayed treatment of can result in mortality.

>24 Hours: The Best Timing of Hip Fracture Surgery

  • Reduce possibility of Venous Thrombosis caused by immobility.
  • Lessen chance of developing bedsore or pressure ulcers from immobility.
  • Limited infection complication occurrence.
  • Narrow down the potential of bed ridden conditions which even weaken the muscles.
  • Deduct long term treatment cost of bed ridden patient.
  • Patients can go back to nearly-normal life as before fractured.

Minimal Invasive Surgery:  Less Pain & Quick Recovery

Nowadays, hip fracture treatment is not complicate as times before. Minimal Invasive Surgery, advanced open surgery performed with smaller incisions. Less damage to the muscles and bones results in less pain and quicker recovery. Patients are able to walk 1 day after the surgery.

However, you can’t deny the fact that more than half of elderly fall accidents were found at home. So, you should manage your house orderly, make sure the sufficient light for proper vision or you might consider keeping elderly accompanied if possible.

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