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Choose the Right Shoes for Your Type of Feet


Choose the Right Shoes for Your Type of Feet Did you know that every person’s feet are different? There are various shapes or types of feet, broadly categorized into three types – Normal Arch, Flat Arch and High Arch Feet. If the shoes you are wearing are not right for your feet type, they might cause injury or problem to your ankle. Let’s see how to choose the right shoes.

  1. Normal Feet: It means that you have a feet arch that can support your bodyweight and is able to absorb shock naturally. Most people with this pattern can wear just about any kind of shoe but it is suggested to choose the soft model with insole supporter to prevent injury.
  2. Flat Feet: It is highly recommended to wear a more stable shoes marked with ‘motion control’, ‘maximum support’ or ‘stability’. Also, go with a more substantial midsoles and internal wedges which forms like the feet’s arch side to support the flat feet. Customers may need a few minutes of walking to test any uneven surface to make sure that the shoes will not point the feet downwards.
  3. High-Arched Feet: This feet type can distribute impact to the ground forcefully but its less flexibility can cause injury and pain while walking. People with high-arched feet are recommended to choose a well-cushioned, gel technology, air technology or boosting foam shoes. You can use your finger to press the shoe insole to feel its softness.

Keeping your feet healthy is an important part of enjoying exercise and daily activities. Any injuries on the feet and ankles are recommended to be seen by a feet specialist to identify the most effective treatment and to maintain a healthy feet.

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