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“HbA1c Test” The Most Important Indicator to Bring Diabetes Under Control


“HbA1c Test” The Most Important Indicator to Bring Diabetes Under Control

Recent population’s lifestyle and their unknowing behaviors put themselves into diabetes risk.  Improper diet, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, stress, and obesity are the significant factors that dramatically increase the number of diabetic patients.

Diabetes is a major cause of serious complication diseases such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and it may lead to disability in patients due to a single wound. It can also take a person’s life if the blood sugar level is uncontrolled.

Thus, monitoring blood glucose level is the main focus to evaluate and diagnose diabetes; and also includes the possibility of complication diseases in diabetes patients. Dr. Somporn Wongraoprasert, Endocrinologist at Vejthani Hospital discusses about the importance of the test called  “HBA1c” which is the major key to estimate diabetes and make it under control.

What is “HBA1c” ?

            Hemoglobin A1c or (HBA1c) is a measurement of glucose level bound with the hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells. Certain value indicates the average level of glucose in the blood before and after meal over the past 3 months. It is an important blood test that gives a good indication of how well the diabetes is being controlled.

Diagnosing Diabetes with “HBA1c”

American Diabetes Association determined that a value greater than or equal to 6.5% in “HBA1c” test indicates diabetes which was related to 20% of diabetic retinopathy.


Major Goal of Diabetic Treatment

The goal of treatment in diabetic patients is to control “HBA1c” level and make it lower than 7% or 154 mg/dL of estimated average glucose level.

Nevertheless, the “HBA1c” value estimated is indefinite among those with some congenital diseases such as thalassemia, anemia, abnormality hemoglobin, chronic kidney failure and those diseases which cause changes in HBA1c. Therefore, patients should consult the specialist for other proper alternatives.