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The Possible Dangers of Buying Medicines Without Consulting Doctor.


Over the counter drugs are medications available without a prescription at drugstores such as Paracetamol, Pain Killers and Chlorpheniramine. Those drugs might able to cure some conditions in general but it is necessary for patient to see a doctor or pharmacist if sickness occurs.

Recreational OTC drugs use can also change the brain’s chemistry over time. Eventually, the user builds a tolerance to the drugs, needing more of the substance to get the previous effects. In addition, most patients wanted the OTC antibiotics to treat respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, sore throat or sinus infection. But taking antibiotics without consulting a doctor may not cure the disease and could aggravate the problem of antibiotic-resistant germs.

Government Pharmaceutical Organization warns against those who buy a medicine without prescriptions that might develop to drugs allergy and death. Thus, it is important to consult with the pharmacist before buying OTC antibiotics drugs or best if you consult with a hospital doctor to receive precise diagnosis and treatment.

The Dangers of OTC Antibiotic Overuse or Misuse

  • The Dangers of OTC Antibiotic Overuse or Misuse
  •  Bacteria gets adjusted and resistance to the drugs.
  • Damage to others beneficial bacteria.
  •  Side effects such as stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, rash and urticaria.
  •  Medicines generally have side effects that you may not know. The dose you took might affect to other medicine you are taking and present different outcomes which could be terribly negative.
  •  Incapable to cure because choosing the wrong antibiotics.
  •  Allergic to antibiotics can cause death.
  •  Difficulty to cure the sickness that require antibiotic dosage. The sickness gets stronger and higher chance of death.

Please remember that you don’t need antibiotics for a minor illness and it is risky to take antibiotics without contacting a doctor or pharmacist. Patients with liver or kidneys defection disease especially pediatric patients are needed to be adjusted the antibiotic dosage. Moreover, medical allergy history is supposed to be informed to the doctor and pharmacist.

The Possible Dangers of Buying Medicines Without Consulting Doctor.

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