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Chronic Shoulder Pain Says Tendon Rupture


We can’t deny that the chronic shoulder pain is effect to our daily life; lifting objects, getting dress or even brushing hair are become uncomfortable. The problems may grow by the tear of shoulder’s tendon, leaving them without proper medical care is even more dangerous.

Risk Factors

  1. Accident occur directly on shoulder.
  2. Lifting too heavy object or lifting with wrong posture.
  3. Degeneration; in general, 50 years old elders have a degeneration of tendon which appears to be the most common cause of rupture tendon.


The pain start in shoulder, spread to elbow and wrist. Leaving chronic shoulder pain for too long cause the whole arm damage.


The treatment can be performed by both physical therapy and endoscope surgery. This procedure have been developed that repair the tendon with minimal incisions which only cause a single 1 centimeter wound. The goal of the surgery is to re-anchor the torn tendon back to the bone.

Tips : Be careful of those postures of twisting or reaching out and stop moving if that posture hurts.