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Biofeedback May Ease Chronic Constipation



is the most common digestive complaint among population that can make life miserable. Generally, the definition of chronic constipation is a stool frequency of less than 3 per week that lasts several months. It’s important to know the facts about chronic constipation and talk to your doctor about your personal situation. If you’ve been constipated for a while, you should find out why.

Chronic Constipation: What Causes It?

  • Health problems and medications.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Having trouble pushing the stools.


Doctor may reccommend Biofeedback Training to patient with chronic constipation. Biofeedback teaches patients how to get their bowel and anal muscles to work normally to produce a complete and satisfactory evacuation.

Keys to Preventing Chronic Constipation

  • Eat more fiber and drink more water.
  • Train your body to have regular bowel movements.
  • Exercise to help the muscles in digestive system work better.
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