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Full comprehensive service and private consultation with our women health doctor.

With the modern technology of today, we are proud to give you everything to know in this related field. With intensive care and full facilities that we have here in Vejthani Hospital, we have every solution for you here. The high qualified women health doctor in this department are specialized in every related field.

We are focused in breast cancer risk assessment to the OB/GYN which also contains extensive education on nipple aspirate fluid cytology  a tool used for breast cancer risk assessment  and how this tool is effectively used collaboratively in an OB/GYN practice with a breast specialist.

Patients come here to seek an answer in this related field, we have all the solutions here in Vejthani Hospital. The facilities that we have here is the most modern technology. In this department we have our most concern in your health issues. We are here to help ease your health issues. With the high standard of our international work facilities, we here to answer all your questions with our experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists.

At Vejthani hospital, you can see that we can manage every solution in every health issue. With the most experienced women health doctor, we can achieve more than just consultation. Every delicate health issue is our primary concern, within every scale of knowledge is this related field. We can say that our comprehensive service makes us what we are today. For example, General OBGYN Services, Consultation on birth control and family planning, Consultation on premarital and check up, Antenatal Care for Normal and Complicated or High Risk Pregnancy, Prenatal Diagnosis for Congenital Anomalies and Genetic Abnormalities, Normal and Painless Delivery, Cesarean Section, Post Partum care, Early Gynecologic Cancer Detection and Treatment, Surgery for Pelvic Tumor, Endoscopic diagnosis and surgery, Gynecologic Reconstructive Surgery, Treatment of Sexually transmitted disease (STD) in women, Treatment of infertile ( visit Vejthani ART center ). As you can see that we are at full capacity. We dont just do routine check-ups, we the whole scope of every delicate health issue.

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