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Full evaluation and treatment of female infertility.


Full evaluation and treatment of female infertility.

According to the Vejthani Hospital, Age, Smoking, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Being Overweight or Underweight can all affect fertility. Age, fertility starts declining after age 27 and drops at a somewhat greater rate after age 35. In terms of ovarian reserve, a typical woman has 12% of her reserve at age 30 and has only 3% at age 40. 81% of variation in ovarian reserve is due to age alone making age the most important factor in female infertility.

Smoking, smoking is harmful to the ovaries, and the degree of damage is dependent upon the amount and length of time a woman smokes. Nicotine and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes interfere with the bodys ability to create estrogen, a hormone that regulates folliculogenesis and ovulation, and cause egg cells to be more prone to genetic abnormalities.

Sexually transmitted infection. Body weight and eating disorders, twelve percent of all infertility cases are a result of a woman either being underweight or overweight. Fat cells produce estrogen, in addition to the primary sex organs. Too much body fat causes production of too much androgen and the body begins to react as if it is on birth control, limiting the odds of getting pregnant. Too little body fat causes insufficient production of estrogen and disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Both under and overweight women have irregular cycles in which ovulation does not occur or is inadequate. In every treatment of female infertility and the treatment of infertility in a women, we can say that we are the best of every treatment that may causes the complications in the body. Our doctors here Vejthani Hospital are specialized in every related field. Our comprehensive service team is fully experienced with this medical science treatment.

The treatment of female infertility for preventing the complications. The treatment of infertility in women is caused by certain hormones.

At Vejthani Hospital, we have what we called Vejthani ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) Center at Vejthani Hospital offers all advanced reproductive technologies .

Our physicians can provide full evaluation and treatment of infertility and pregnancy problems. Our caring staff is aware of the stressful and emotional difficulties,which affect couples dealing with the issue of having a family. All of the services at Vejthani ART Center are offered in a warm and friendly atmosphere with individual treatment plans, Our patients are our priority and supporting their needs is one of our primary goals. To make every treatment of infertility in women more easier for the female patient.

We have the most delicate technology and our comprehensive service with fully experienced nurses and physicians to help cured every symptoms and complications in the patients body. Make your appointment with us now to analyze your complications and prevent them before it gets worse.

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