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Our General Surgery Doctor is at full range of range of extensive experience surgical with the latest technology.

At Vejthani Hospital we can assure with every measures that provides every inch of the latest technology. With our General Surgery Doctor and Clinic gives you the comprehensive service that handles a wide variety of surgical problems, including: Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Injured Wound, Infected Wound, Treatment for keloids and varicose vein, Treatment for hemorrhoids, Soft tissue tumor or cyst operation, Thyroid Surgery, Breast Surgery and more. We have 13 of the finest surgeons in all related fields.

guaranteed surgery with our General Surgery Doctor. variety of surgical problems with General Surgery Physician in Vejthani Hospital.

The full range of extensive experiences of our General Surgery Doctor.
At Vejthani Hospital, we handle a variety of surgical problems with the most advanced technology of today. With our mostly sufficient General Surgery Doctor. With our reliable knowledge and experience in this field, we can say that you are in the best hands. We concern in every details of the surgery with good examinations and consultation of every specialist doctors. Our service provide more than just normal surgery . Our recommendation of our best physicians, we have 13 of our finest. One of our finest is Dr.Pongkwan Pratishthananda she is very qualified for every general surgeries. Come and make an appointment with us to make the most sufficient surgeries.

At Vejthani Hospital, our most importance is the outcome of every surgery that occurs within the hospital. Our General Surgery Doctor in Vejthani Hospital is doing the best to make the best treatments, fully examinations, diagnoses to make every step and every stage of the surgery, performing at their best. With the best quality technology and experienced doctors treating our patients with extremely care. We are grateful to provide advanced facilities and are surveillance 24 hrs a day.

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